My Story

Like many people who have made their way into the health and wellness spectrum it was the things I experienced in my past that led me here. For much of my childhood and all of my teenage years I dealt with a whole slew of chronic inflammatory conditions; everything from eczema, acne, repeat peptic ulcers, poor digestion, stubborn weight gain, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, irregular periods and awful PMS. I discounted most of these symptoms and considered them all to be normal parts of puberty.

Repeatedly I was being prescribed antibiotics for my skin and stomach ulcers, I was using steroid medications topically and internally from a very young age and took birth control pills regularly for approximately 7 years. Later it began to dawn on me that nothing I was doing, nor the pharmaceuticals I was taking were having any positive effect on preventing my symptoms. Rather I just kept getting more tired, I was putting on more weight, having more uncomfortable periods and the acne seemed to worsen after every round of antibiotics I took. I lived with these symptoms for years, without any clue that my diet and lifestyle had everything to do with it.

Reflecting on those years of my life, it's hard for me to pin-point what sparked my interest in nutrition because it was a long and gradual transition for me. In my second year at university I was living on my own and finally in full control of the food I ate and lifestyle I lived. It wasn't just changing my habits around food; I started to recognize that I was completely in control of my life and my happiness.

Once I was able to put to rest old thought patterns about myself that I was going to be forever subject to this body, this skin, this sadness and this self-hate; I was able to instead look at every day as an opportunity to make choices big or small that will take me further from that and closer to a me that accepts my body, that is confident in my skin, that feels true happiness and has self-love.

But when life throws you curve-balls and unexpected things occur, it can be difficult to maintain these patterns of thought and we can easily stray from them. Achieving and maintaining a healthy mind and a healthy body is an ever-moving target. We can often feel inspired and motivated for a period of time and then fall off the bandwagon, only to spiral back into old patterns whatever they may be. What's important is that we get back up.

For the rest of my life, I am an ever-moving target. Finally understanding and recognizing this helped to remove self-limiting doubts I had about what I could achieve and ultimately motivates me everyday to make choices that help bring me closer to my goals.

Back to my journey with nutrition, once I gained an understanding of how certain foods made me feel and what impact they were having on my emotional and physical health, I was driven to learn more and share this information with others. A year after graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia,  I enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Inevitably going to IHN was the best decision I could have made for myself. With a background studying resource conservation and sustainability and a toolbox of information I now have in regards to holistic health and nutrition; I plan to foster a practice that focuses on nourishing our bodies with local, in-season and sustainable foods.

The intent behind my personal practice and everything I advocate for is to educate clients and followers about finding health and wellness in own backyards. I stand to promote the local and sustainable food movement in Canada; primarily Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas.