A thought I felt worth sharing.

I wasn't planning on taking a photo of my lunch today but right before sitting down to enjoy, a thought I felt worth sharing came to mind..

As a nutritionist all I can hope for is that I am able to guide and support my clients to making lifestyle and dietary changes that are truly enjoyable, that fit within their needs, that make them feel nourished, satisfied and never deprived. All I want is to help my clients discover how whole foods can serve their bodies well and how sustainable these changes can be.

To me this bowl is a perfect example: the appearance of its colours are satisfying to the eye, it easily fulfills my hunger, it doesn't make me feel deprived of the tastes and flavours that I crave and it's never betrayed me with so much as an upset tummy or foggy brain.

Paleo is about bringing food back to the basics. Eating the foods that are in season, that are grown locally, organically and without the use of any hormones or antibiotics. It is about nourishing your body with delicious healthy fats, clean proteins and an abundance of colourful and fibrous vegetables. Paleo isn't for everyone but it has done incredible things for me.

These foods serve us well. They make us feel energized and satisfied by stabilizing our blood sugar, they are restorative to our hormone systems, they help to maintain a well functioning digestive tract and they have helped me to overcome my insecurities around food.

When I focus on whole foods and the colours, textures and flavours they offer, I stop worrying about how many calories are on my plate or how many carbohydrates I'm about to eat. Forget that mentality because when you fuel your body, your brain and your heart with the foods Mother Nature provides you, you can feel happy knowing that they are here to do nothing more than to build you up...not break you down.

Today when I sat down to eat this meal I was reminded of how uncomplicated, easily manageable and shameless it has become to make choices around food since incorporating paleo into my life. I mean look at that bowl of goodness...does is not make your mouth water a bit?

To fully enjoy this meal I sat at my dinner table, put away my phone, and focused on every bite; appreciating its' flavours and smells, how its' ingredients serve my body well, and how fortunate I am to have this food today.

- Brooklyn Reed