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Download my Love Your Liver E-Book to find out what simple diet and lifestyle tools I used to lose 15 pounds, clear my skin, eliminate my IBS-D symptoms and improve my energy!

I can only speak for myself here but towards the end of a busy and social summer my body is certainly in need of a little time, love and care! I initially started writing this e-book back in the spring when I was getting very frustrated with some chronic inflammation I was dealing with. It's still difficult for me to pin-point exactly what was causing it but at the time my skin was constantly breaking out, I had easily put on 15 pounds since the summer and my energy levels had plummeted.

I felt like I was eating all the right things, I was exercising 2-3 times a week and I was certainly getting sufficient amounts of sleep. What I wasn't addressing was the so-called "health" foods in my diet that I ate regularly but never paid attention to the warning signs my body was giving me after eating them. It can be difficult to accept that some foods aren't right for your body when you're always seeing your friends and peers, or in my case other food bloggers or nutritionists eat or post about them and never mention having digestive or inflammatory issues following. 

Maybe you're does a food sensitivity relate to liver health?

Simply put when you're constantly consuming foods or other toxic substances that either aren't good for you or that are foreign to your immune system, the body has a difficult time breaking these things down effectively and as a result inflammatory compounds are synthesized by the immune system to help metabolize these foods or substances.

The liver being the powerhouse organ that it is, has to deal with filtering out all of these compounds. For example; when you're drinking too often, consuming drugs regularly, exposing your body to toxic chemicals or ingesting inflammatory foods. All of these and more pose a significant stress to the liver - bogging it down and impacting the bodies hormonal and organ systems in several ways.

Making the proper changes to your diet and routine to allow your liver to detox is not rocket science. I wanted to show you just how easy it can be just by making changes to your food and lifestyle. There is certainly nothing wrong with supporting a cleanse or detox with proper supplementation but I wanted to offer my clients and readers something very black and white that is achievable by anyone on any budget.

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