Consultation Packages

Consultation packages are offered with a minimum of three visits. This includes an initial 1-hour long consultation and two 45 follow-up consultations.

First consultation I get to know you. I'd like to hear about your health history, what your goals are, what obstacles you think are in the way of reaching them and get a feel for where you're health is at now relative to where you'd like to be.

In our second consultation I will give you a detailed and easy to follow dietary and lifestyle protocol that I create and tailor specifically to your needs and goals. My protocols are designed to include realistic suggestions that you can easily implement into your daily routine, that help create sustainable change.

Ideally we schedule your third consultation a week into implementing you initial protocol and we will assess your progress and determine what modifications if any can be made.

The best way to achieve long-term results it to implement gradual changes that are sustainable. Booking a package with me will guarantee that you receive working dietary and lifestyle protocols tailored specifically to your goals and consistent support from me over the course of our time together.

Rates: packages start at $330

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