Initial Consultation

Book an initial 1-hour long consultation for us to meet in person and together we can discuss your health goals and any challenges you feel you are facing.

In our first meeting I like to spend time getting to know you; learning about your health history, where your health and well being is at currently, what goals you have set for yourself and then briefly recap your daily routine.

If you feel that working with me is a good fit, I will begin to work on a detailed initial protocol you will receive in our second 45 minute meeting. In the second meeting we will go through the entire protocol, I will explain why I tailored it to you, your needs and your goals and I can answer any questions you might have.

The protocols I create for my clients are generally a modified-paleo approach to diet and lifestyle. The suggestions outlined in your protocol are designed to work with your life and your goals; you can expect that I will give you realistic diet and lifestyle modifications. I believe that in order to make sustainable long term change in your life, you need to make changes that don't produce short term results.

Rate: $115 or we can roll this into a consultation package starting at $330 for a minimum of three consultations

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