Meal Preparation and Planning

Certainly one of the most difficult things about implementing healthier foods into your routine is the overwhelming amount of information through pictures, videos and recipes you see online of "healthy food" and then trying to decide if those things are good for you or how to go about making them.

Transitioning into a healthier routine can be very simple and understanding the fundamentals of how certain whole foods serve the body is invaluable. Probably the thing I love the most about being a nutritionist is simply talking nutrition with people! Getting an idea of someones diet, the foods they buy most often and the meals they enjoy making the most is both fun and interesting for me. Having the opportunity to talk about food with someone, being in their kitchen or meeting them at the grocery store gives me insight into what someone knows about basic nutrition.

Practicality. Affordability. Sustainability. This is how I work.

I like to call my style of cooking a 'modified-paleo' approach. This means I believe in feeding the body nutrient dense whole foods, clean and organic proteins, local and in-season vegetables and I encourage lots of healthy dietary fats. The paleo diet mimics what our primal ancestors ate. Foods were simple, local, in-season and nutrient dense.

Services I offer around meal preparation and planning:

  • In-home lessons on creating a paleo-friendly grocery list and efficient meal preparation for you and/or the family
  • Grocery store tour where I show you how to save money while shopping for paleo foods and I show you how to read ingredients lists and nutritional information

Rate: $100-125 depending on services provided

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