Services and Rates


Curious or feeling hesitant? Unsure about how I can help support you on your goal of better health?  I would like to offer you a free 20-minute phone consultation so I can get to know a little about you and your goals. Click here to fill out a form to request your free phone consultation.

"Thinking the way you've always thought and doing things you've always done will only lead to more of the same. You need to be disruptive!" - Mark Hyman, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet: Activate Your Body's Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast

Initial Consultation

Book an initial 1-hour consultation for us to meet in person and together we can discuss your health goals and how I can support you in reaching them.


Consultation Packages

Booking a package is for those who are ready to make the commitment to bettering their well-being. If you want to achieve long-term results you've got to be willing to implement gradual and sustainable change. Booking a package with me over the course of several months will guarantee that you receive working dietary and lifestyle protocols tailored specifically to your goals and consistent support from me over the course of our time together.


Meal Preparation and Planning

Overwhelmed with everything you hear and see about eating healthy? Not sure how to begin implementing more whole foods in your routine? I like to make meal preparation practical, affordable and sustainable (there's that word again!). Allow me to show you how to start making easy whole food/paleo meals and shopping lists.